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Your Brand Personality

Startup branding is a lot more than a simple logo and a 1 line value proposition. One of the very first steps we discuss when getting started with your digital marketing strategy is the definition of your brand personality, one of the key elements of your startup branding canvas.
Just like people, brands have personalities. A business with a personality is more memorable and personal. Customers are more likely to form a relationship with brand that has personality.

During one of our discovery calls we identify together 2 to 3 of your brand’s dominant personality traits and operate your business with that personality. As a founder it is critical that you help identify which traits you feel most comfortable with and that will best suit your audience as it impacts all future marketing actions.


Having a strong personality for the brand and content you create enables you to:

– Connect with your audience in a more meaningful and memorable way
– Create a stronger messaging on specific channels
– Adapt your memes and product/features naming strategy to the values you want to convey
– Identify options to incorporate humor to address specific segments when appropriate
– Adapt promotional messages, content and gorilla marketing elements already created.
– Identify the need of new set of assets when needed, with a specific focus on visual elements.

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