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David Thomson
President at AlwaysOn

Julie is a dependable, strategic, energetic & collaborative marketing executive, who’s both hands-on and an effective manager. She needed to rethink our company’s online presence and credibility, modernize all marketing activities, launch new products and continue to grow sales with limited resources. Julie has consistently demonstrated high levels of project ownership, responsibility, initiative and the desire to drive significant metric-driven performance results; such as building a comprehensive social media program, improving the company’s CRM processes and helping build out Telesales.

In short, Julie is a valuable addition to any startup looking to cost effectively define and manage a measurable marketing machine that can be monitored, tweaked and optimized as well as serve as a manager/mentor

Jason Seed
North American Trade & Investment Commissioner NSW Australia

I worked directly with Julie on a recent project and was always impressed with Julie’s passion, integrity and dedication, I would be very happy to work with Julie again.



Javier Cardona
CEO at Muchi Corporation

Julie has tons of marketing experience to draw from and knows how to choose the right tool for each challenge, be it a focus group questionnaire or a massive social media campaign. She is a good listener, independent, result-driven and a pleasure to work with.



Nicole Freeman
Senior Editor at AlwaysOn

Julie is one of the most accomplished and detail-oriented marketing specialists I’ve had the opportunity to work with in my entire media and publishing career. Whether you are looking to re-launch and re-image your existing content site or you’re creating a supporting site to your busines, this is the person you want doing it. Julie understands and knows how to effeciently and effectively deploy the technologies and strategies needed to turn content into marketing-driven actionable messages to your audience. I was priviledged to work with Julie and I look forward to working with her again in the near future

Benjamin Mestrallet
eXo Platform, Founder and CEO & Codenvy, Founder and Chairman

Julie successfully manages our lead generation and demand generation activities, overseeing and executing a wide range of projects from social media to advertising or content marketing. She is a high-caliber expert bringing to the table her critical skills and overall integrated marketing approach.
I also very much appreciate Julie’s focus on producing high quality work with limited monitoring. She is independent, effective and fun to work with.
I highly recommend her to any startup looking for help with internet marketing.

Ellie Rubin
Executive Director at BootUp

Julie is a natural marketer – at both the strategic and hands on level. She is committed to developing a consistent brand and is a pleasure to work with. We look forward to ongoing projects together…



Joe Ward
CEO at xTV

Loved working with Julie and a true professional in media and events.
Looking forward to working together again in the near future and would be happy to provide a phone reference if ever required.



Ann Carey-Scott
Process Improvement Project Manager

Julie is a true guru at internet marketing. She may not agree with that description but the definition of a guru, “one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom, and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others” is exactly how I would describe her. Julie is an extremely knowledgeable, learned, informed and savvy marketer and has the amazing gift of patiently and professionally sharing her knowledge with others. I truly enjoy working with her and admire her dedication to all things internet related.


David Lewallen
Sr. International SEO Engineer, BusinessOnLine

I have worked with Julie on various SEO projects and she is quite knowledgeable on the subject and extremely easy to work with. She understands the nuances of the online marketing space. I would highly recommend her for any content writing, SEO and pretty much any other online marketing exercise that she feels comfortable executing.


Stephane Richard
French Foreign Trade Advisor, President & Founder or French Bio Beach

Julie did a terrific work to redesign, upgrade and functionalize the French Bio Beach web portal. She is independent, very organized and outstanding when it comes to keeping track of the tiniest details. It was a pleasure to work with Julie, eventhough I was not very available to help her at that time. I would be more than happy to favorably recommend Julie.


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