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Marketing Strategy

Looking for solid marketing strategy services and a detailed action plan to fill your sales pipeline with leads? JM@rketing will work closely with you to define the best strategy to deliver results.

1. Market Analysis & Insights

Rely on data-driven insight and a market-perspective to define a successful marketing approach. With customer, competitive and organizational knowledge, we then move quickly and confidently towards your goals with a new market-based strategy and repeatable processes.
Includes startup canvas, buyers segments, personas and journey analysis, funnel and ROI analysis, competition analysis…

2. Strategy

With knowledge gained from step 1, we can develop a relevant market-focused strategy that includes:

  • Product Strategy (Development or Refinement): positioning, differentiators, branding and messaging canvas, sales structure, pricing…
  • Marketing Strategy: goals, budget, customer acquisition strategy, online marketing strategy, lead and pipeline development, measurement system and technology requirements
  • Marketing Action Plan: lead gen, social, mobile, advertising, PR, events, content, email & marketing automation, sales enablement, analysts relations, partners…

3. Execution

Hire JM@rketing to shape and execute your company’s digital marketing programs to boost your demand generation.
With a network of experts she can rely on as needed, Julie offers you all you need to create a unique digital marketing approach for your business. Constantly looking for the latest trends to improve her skills and tactics, Julie helps you create and implement a strong marketing action plan that suits your business needs and target audience.




What You Get:

  • A highly skilled digital marketing professional with a versatile team to rely on
  • Managing your Marketing from Strategy to final delivery and management¬†of projects
  • One supplier managing all your marketing suppliers
  • Working with team worldwide in various languages and knowledge of local cultures
  • Tapping into our passion to unlock your leadership

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