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Marketing Launch

As a seasoned expert in helping clients effectively launch hundreds of new products and companies or enter new markets, Julie knows all the variables that go into a successful launch and make yours her mission.

She works closely with you to understand your product and company launch needs, and develop a customized strategy designed to achieve your business objectives.

Product, services and company launch marketing services include:

Launch Strategy

  • launch goals
  • timing and action plan pre launch, D-Day and post launch
  • launch project management and team collaboration processes
  • launch pricing strategy, special offers/discounts, prizes, buyer’s journey
  • budget and recommended marketing mixes
  • PR strategy and action plan
  • referral program
  • emailing plan
  • Partners and ecosystem strategy

Key Audience Reach

  • narrowing your target audience
  • launch word of mouth strategy and implementation
  • SEO and social
  • PR and influencer strategy execution…

Launch Messaging and Branding

  • unique value proposition, key messaging points
  • brand personality and tone of voice
  • exact branding elements (name, colors, fonts, logos, screenshots…) and descriptions
  • Proof statements/claims

Launch Content

  • Full website, CTAs and landing pages urls
  • launch content (demo video, pics, screenshots, PR, pdf, slides, quotes, case studies, stats, webinar, datasheets, FAQs, product brochures, success stories, white papers…)
  • emailing, advertising, PR content
  • content calendar and social calendar


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