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JM@rketing is an outsourced digital marketing firm that helps startups and B2B software companies accelerate growth and achieve scale through effective and modern marketing on a budget.
"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

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Outsourced CMOs are the best fit for startups that don’t need or can’t afford a permanent, full-time marketing leader but would benefit from the knowledge and strategic leadership that an experienced CMO could bring to the company.
JM@rketing helps you build your strategy and get things rolling in no time with minimal effort.

Explore the Endless Possibilities With Outsourced Marketing!

Modern, effective and super flexible. At JM@rketing, we’re all about the results.
Power you team with a Strong Marketing Addition & get all you need at a fraction of a full time marketing exec!


Startup Marketing Strategy

The possibilities are truly endless but marketing for startups has its very own specificities. Take a look at the approach we follow to get you on the track to success.


Aligning Marketing With Your Funding Priorities

Whether you are still defining your offer, trying to prove product-market fit or trying to scale, JM@rketing is guiding you on the road to success while demonstrating the potential value of your company to investors.


Marketing Launch

Julie has been launching hundreds of products and offers through out her career and she has extensive experience walking your team through the process. When hiring JM@rketing you get access to a proven system and tools to help you launch successfully.


We Listen

We Think

We Create

We Deliver

We Are Passionate

We Are Creative

We Are Friendly

We Are Responsible

Need a hands on Full Stack Marketer? Look no further!

Adopt the latest trends and strategies with agile marketing management

  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Email marketing & Automation
  • Content Marketing & Storytelling
  • Product Marketing & Positioning
  • Life Cycle Marketing
  • CRO, A/B Testing, Analytics…

We to be on your team!

JM@rketing is not your typical digital agency.
The goal is to work on a regular basis with selected customers and develop a long term relationship.
Pricing is based on monthly retainer plans instead of a per hour or per project basis.
We are a team and as such you benefit from Julie’s high level skills and experience at the fraction of the cost of a director. Her constant efforts to gain a deep understanding of your business activity and your marketing style ensures your long term satisfaction.

Clients Reviews:

Join the Happy Clients of JM@rketing and see why they love it so much!

“Julie successfully manages our lead generation and demand generation activities, overseeing and executing a wide range of projects from social media to advertising or content marketing.
She is a high-caliber expert bringing to the table her critical skills and overall integrated marketing approach.
I also very much appreciate Julie’s focus on producing high quality work with limited monitoring. She is independent, effective and fun to work with. I highly recommend her to any startup looking for help with internet marketing.”
 — eXo Platform, Founder and CEO & Codenvy, Founder and Chairman, Benjamin Mestrallet

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